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The Career Development Centre recruits students and employers throughout the year, with the main focus in September and October. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please visit our home page and click on find out more to access the registration form. If you wish to speak to the scheme co-ordinator, contact Christine Dare on or tel. 01332 591333
Induction for new mentors will take place at 3-4.30pm on Wednesday 18th September, followed after a short break by Workshop 1: Mentoring and Coaching, Getting Started,
5-7pm (room tba)
Optional Mentor Workshops (students welcome):
Advanced Communication Skills
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Assertiveness & Negotiation
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What the scheme involves: your commitment
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This is slightly vague as we have a minimum amount of time we expect you to spend on this project but most mentors spend more than this. How long you can devote to your mentee depends on several things – your job and family life, your mentee’s commitments and the type of work you decide to do together.

The scheme runs for one academic year and we expect you to have some contact with your mentee on at least six occasions. When you meet with your mentee please book out at least two hours so that you can get down to some real work. This gives you a minimum of 12 hours over the duration of the scheme.

Two hours is only a suggestion as it may depend on what you are intending to do in any one meeting. It may be that you ask your mentee to attend a business meeting with you or accompany you on a visit, which could take half a day or a whole day, if both of you can make the time.

We prefer it if your mentee can visit you in your workplace, so they will have to add travelling time to their commitment. If you go to see them at the university this will obviously involve you in travelling time – don’t forget this is a work relationship and we would hope this travelling would take place in work time and not in your own time. You may need to negotiate with your manager. If you wish to book a meeting room at the University please ask your student to contact Christine Dare on Please allow at least five working days.

Supplementing these face-to-face meetings you will probably be in touch with your mentee by phone or e-mail and this takes time. A phone call could be anything from 30 seconds to confirm a meeting to an hour for a practice telephone interview. Equally e-mails will be read with all other e-mails but an attachment of a CV / profile could take 30 minutes to read and comment on. So time does mount up.

Time will be part of the negotiating process with your mentee. You both have busy lives and you will need to consider how much time you can devote to this. Keep your diary with you as this will help with the negotiating process.

Please remember that navigating through both parties’ busy diaries to negotiate a convenient time for meetings is a valuable skill in itself for your mentee to learn.